Login into the program

This program is fully compatible with the web interface, wherever there is an internet connection, it could be connected to the system. On the first page the login page can be seen where the user needs to enter login password of its own.

Main Window

In the main menu, depending on user authorisation, one can see the image below All menus in the program can be controlled by the user authorisation and depending on the authorisation the user can see everything.

From the up right page, the user can make adjustments for his account. The password can also be amended in the same menu. Addinitionally, all announcements can be received from this menu.

Nap His is instructed multilanguage online system that enables users to amend the language of the program. Currently, the program works in English, Russian and Turkish. It is very easy to instruct additional languages into the program, if requested.

Clinical Menu

In this menu all patient registration can be carried out. In this menu, policlinic, services, radiology unit, patoloji unit, operation rooms, blood bank and laboratuary services can easily be accessed.

Doctors prefer to use this menu to register all data of the patients. All data of the patients can be entered from doctors, nurses and laborants into this menu

Pharmacy and Stock Menu

This menu assists the management of all stock of hospitals. It manages the medicine for each tablet and/or each box, also the containing number of each box. In addition, it does not only manage medicine but also to manage medical and non-medical consumables from this menu. It enables the management to observe closely stocks of each material, hence, it also enables them to see the statistic of use for each material, the expenses for this materials and so on so forth.

Doctors, technicians, nurses or manager can ask materials ( medical or non medical) from the stock manager, which is forwarded directly to stock manager. If the stock manager approves and sends the claimed materials, the number of these materials are automatically reduced from the stocks. It gives a full control over the stock management.

Accounting / Statistic Menu


This is one of the most crucial parts of the program. The user may check everything about the statistics in this module. This includes all number of procedure carried out, and also all numbers of diagnostic scans, how many medicines had been sold, from where the most patients had been received ( Quota,Insurances, Private etc..) What is the demographic of these patients ? , how many patients enter to hospital daily?, how many procedures are being done?, how many patients are seen by each doctors? how many patients have been registered by each register?, all this questions can be accessed from this menu

Cassier Transactions

This is another prominent module where all the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly transcations and cash flow can be seen. It provides all details about the payments from insurance, credit card or cash payment. It is a very useful way to see one or many clinics online.
From this module users can also see all the expenses, and if there is more than one clinic, the user is able to see separetely for each of them, and what the expensesare . The user can also categorise the expenses on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. The user can define each group of expenses and also can receive regular reports from this group of expenses

Salary calculation module

This is a special module calculating for employees working in the clinic,hospitals. This can be modified by user, and can be programmed with a special bonus system,depending on work or patient flow of the employee.
In this module everything can be programmed as management request . For instance “If cardiology diagnose,is more than 10 patients per day or 250 per months that gives doctors 10 Usd bonus for each patient”. In other words, this can be programmed by the user and depending on the program it automatically calculates salaries for everyone.

Management Menu

Definition Menu

All the definitions that is a part of the program are done from this menu. The prices and discounts,the staff and staff authorisation, the procedures,all stocks,all institutions that the hospitalor clinic is working with, services, policlinics, diagnostics, laboratory equipements in short words anything need to be defined in the program can be done from this menu.

Appointment Menu

All the appointments for each clinic can be customised and monitored from this menu.

Announcement Menu

All the announcements within the instutition can be done from here. Depending on the desire of the management the annoucement can be seen by specific group of staff. For example, one annoucement can be seen only by nurses while the other can be seen only by doctors.

Equipment Follow-up Menu

All the medical devices that are being used by the clinic or hospital can be monitored for maintenance and service. This enables staff to adjust necessary maintenance at the most proper moment.

Breakdown Follow-up

All the breakdown of all equipments can be seen from this module. It automatically calculates the running time of each equipment for a period of time.

Human Resources Menu

Under this menu management can control and monitor:

• Working hours for each staff with the integration of special equipment by recognising finger print of each staff
• Vacation leaves and vacation requests of each staff
• All the documents and data for each staff
• Special days for each employees

Purchasing Menu

Under this menu all the request of sale material,parts, coming from each department can be seen and monitored


In this menu all the phone numbers, adresses, e-mail adresses can be accessed.