What is Teleradiology?

Protek Health Informatics Inc founded for evaluating radiological surveys, has started its Radiology Evaluation Center service. In this center the radiological examination requests of the patients are evaluated by an emergency or related specialization doctor through the health establishment automation program. In the provision of this service, the objective is to take advantage of the knowledge and communication technologies, to establish a digital hospital concept, to alleviate the lack of specialists in the area of medical imaging, to offer consultation services in complex xases and to ensure knowledge and experience exchange between health professionals. The forwarded images arrive automatically to the receiving hospital’s imaging and reporting workstation in accordance to the described workflows, The consulting doctor examines the image, writes the report and reaches it back to the sending hospital’s workstation.

By offering reporting services to points where radiology specialists cannot be employed, this system ensures the possibility to widen the radiology service offer. In hospitals with a long waiting time, the reporting system will shorten the waiting times. When necessary, the files of a patient who was screened at one corner of Turkey may be examined by a doctor at another corner.

With its service offer, Protek enables you to take advantage of knowledge and communication technologies.

Teleradiology means offering remote reporting service by a radiology specialist for hospitals which do not have sufficient radiologists. Thanks to this system, the examination and reporting of radiological imaging are enabled. Evaluating its economic and health related contributions, the benefits of the system surpass all its costs. It simultaneously offers the possibility to receive an opinion from many specialists, as the center has a number of radiology specialists.

It consists of the practice of sending the data obtained through medical imaging to a remote point in order for them to be analysed and examined by a radiologist.

• Teleradiology eliminates the necessity of the radiology specialist to be in the same physical area in order to evaluate the test results.
• It enables highly qualified specialists to make more analysis and examinations by saving time and place thanks to Nappacs.

• Accessing radiology specialists in emergency cases thanks to Nappacs bears great importance in terms of human health.

• The imaging process is carried out on the patient by a radiology technician. The images obtained are packaged for transfer and then transferred through the Nappacs server over the internet or the network to the unit accessible by the radiology specialist.