Report With Teleradiology

We provide uninterrupted service by finding an expert radiologist on the system. For the patient for whom an emergency request has been made, we are able to provide reporting as soon as possible. For routine patients, it is reported on the day of shooting.
For an emergency, a differents radiologists only looks at the emergency department.
Specialties of the doctors are determined according to the difficulty of the image. It falls into the radiologists system automatically.
In Education and Research Hospitals and medical faculties, for radiologist training, the physicians' gaze-tracker and keyboard-mouse interactions were recorded, determining the tissue and color features that attracted the doctor's attention, and visual attributes and statistics, and radiology education was improved.
Radiologists offer the opportunity to read images and upload audio files to the system.
We offer the opportunity to access the old reports of the patient who has a previous radiological report in the same hospital.
CT, MR, MG, CR can be viewed with all kinds of digital modalities and images sent to the PACS server from DICOM 3.0 format are downloaded with NapPacs and reporting is done quickly and effectively. We offer the possibility to download reports, PDF and DOC over the web.
We work with radiologists with academic titles as well as expert radiologists in their field.