Quality and Customer Satisfaction Policy

Protek Health Informatics, provides 100% customer satisfaction by meeting the needs and expectations of its customers in time and by producing services with minimum cost, maximum quality, faultless and complete solutions. We increase our international competitiveness with our affordable cost policy and keep our production, efficiency and determination at the maximum level with an effective quality assurance system. Knowledgeable personnel constitute the starting point of activities to increase and maintain work efficiency and quality, and to continuously improve quality. For this purpose, we attach importance to the training of our employees in order to ensure the continuous improvement of our employees' training, development and working conditions.

With our Quality Management System, we constantly review the continuous improvement of all employees and their compliance with the conditions. For this purpose, we are committed to the continuity of our quality by reviewing our Quality Policy and Quality Targets.

As a whole company, we adopt the awareness that quality is customer-oriented, the real winners in the leadership race are those who can evaluate the feedback from customers with the best service understanding and seriously and turn them into their own advantages.

Fulfilling all the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System standard with all of our staff and constantly improving the effectiveness of our system is the basic policy of our organization.