Unlike the complicated structure of operating system-based occupational health and safety software, ISG-ART; It provides web-based automation system service to occupational health and safety companies with its easy-to-use, quick-to-learn and constantly updated structure.
Cloud Service

1- Through to our cloud service, you can access your past audits from anywhere with a network connection, ensuring that your data is not lost.

2- In general, it is not possible to encounter a problem such as insufficient cloud storage; It is possible to increase your storage space at any time you may need.

3- While your data is backed up and stored, data files are stored securely within the scope of our information security policy.

Device Integration

2- Audiometry

2- Pulmonary Function Test

3- Laboratory Devices

By integrating the devices in your laboratory with our system, we provide reliable and fast service to our customers with the delivery of the examinations via the reporting automatic system, reducing the margin of error by ending the reporting process by entering the manual or examination results into environments such as word and excel.