Within the scope of cooperation, we will report and present your MRI, CT and Mammography Images. High costs in your area may provide you an advantage. You can provide a lower cost than the cost of competitors with us. Thus, you can increase your chances of being selected for more affordable prices in your region by taking advantage.

Be the Preferred You.

We offer our team and servers to your service thanks to our Integrated Software. You can reduce your risk with a subcontractor by avoiding having high-cost workers, experts and doctors in your own organization.

Due to the low labor cost in China, it enables all Technology giants to sell more products for less with their production in China. A similar situation is also valid in the health sector. Thanks to the low cost of health services in Turkey can increase your profits by turning it benefits you in your area. We offer you the Turkey-Centric this cooperation as a health care provider.

Join Our Experience

We have years of experience accumulated in Teleradiology, our area of expertise. We provide radiology interpretation and conclusion within an average of 47 minutes by providing support to 67000 emergency patients on a monthly basis domestically. We finalize an average of 3500 radiology images per day on a routine basis.

Become a partner of our Quality Certificates

Although you do not have ISO documents, you can share your work with us and benefit from our documents and our professional team with the certificate.