DoseIZ is a Patient Dose Monitoring Application.

CT works with the import and anonymization of x-ray and mammography data. Provides Graph Imaging with filtering and searching of radiation exposure data. Graphs are included to visualize and explore data including mean and median dose measurements, histograms, workload data and more. Allows data transfer to sequential and anonymized database tables in the background. Therefore, DoseIZ collects data for reference / representative dose reporting by a qualified medical physicist.

Most importantly, it provides an interdisciplinary dose and the tools it needs to monitor and optimize image quality and radiation exposures. By default, a person's identity and health information is not stored. In particular, name, date of birth, patient ID, etc. It is not stored; however, patient age and patient gender are retained for population dose analysis. User can view different data types in different Graph Types and see statistics of radiation absorption of patients.

The user can see the Maximum Radiation absorption values on the graph with the Red Line and the Weighted Average of the Radiation absorption with the Yellow line. By this way, graphical interpretation becomes easier.

By making a selection from the User Interface, it can display graphs that will compare the radiation value with the data of patients.

The user can also evaluate the Statistics with Artificial Intelligence inferences.