Fast Diagnosis in 30 Seconds with Artificial Intelligence from Radiology Images

Each record sent from the hospital system with an anamnesis note goes through the word filtering stage, which is the first stage of the Covid-19 Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis System.

Key words written in the anamnesis information such as covid, covıd, COVİD, COVID, cvd, CVD are analyzed and transferred to the Covid-19 Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis System automatically.

The results of patients transferred to the artificial intelligence diagnosis system are displayed by the system within 30-45 seconds.

Görüntüler Tanı Sisteminde analiz edildikten sonra, hastalar listeleme sırasında Covid-19 tanı durumuna özel ikonlar ile pozitif ve negatif olarak listelenir.

Icons act as a button. When clicking the icons, the sections of the relevant patient analyzed by artificial intelligence can be viewed in a different window as .GIF.